I have been a professional writer/editor for more than a decade, specializing in Hispanic culture. I’ve written for the Huffington Post, Being Latino magazine, and the Hispanic Fanatic, which is a website that I created.

In addition, I have ghostwritten a book for a Hollywood costume designer, worked on the desk of the Hollywood Reporter, and edited over 100 books.

My fiction has appeared in the following publications:

  •  Word.com, “Semper Fi.” 
  •  The Harpweaver, “Ergo Sum.” 
  •  Dragonglass, “All of Us Vs. Atomicism.” 
  •  Pale Fire, “Theothantology.” 
  •  Eclectica Magazine, “The Big Inning." 
  •  Outsider Ink, “Maybe He Shouldn’t Have Said That.” 

Also, my fiction has received the following honors:

  • New Century Writing Contest — Top short story (out of 1,500 entries) for “Ergo Sum.”
  • New Millennium Writing Contest — Finalist for “Sin Miedo.”
  • JoPop Publications Fiction Contest — Finalist for “Downsized.”
  • Write Corner Press Contest — Editor’s Choice Award for “Living With Fingers Crossed.”
  • SF Reader — First place for “Harmonic Convergence.”