Here's what a few people have said about me behind my back:


Daniel Cubias is one of the wittiest, most relevant, and most perceptive writers in the world, if that¹s actually where he’s from. Cubias is part-philosopher, part-gunslinger, and total craftsman. He’s great. I will always be first in line to read anything he writes. A novel to be read with urgency.

—Mark Cirino, author of Name the Baby


This witty, gritty mystery pairs well with a plate of nachos and a shot of tequila! Investigating his cousin’s death, reluctant gumshoe Abraxas Hernandez encounters a succession of suspects as loco as their motives.

—Brenda Scott Royce, author of Monkey Star


What a great read! From the opening scene that explains the moment that changes Abraxas' life, I was sucked in. Highly entertaining with many twists and turns, this is a book you won't be able to put down. Cubias is a gifted writer whose novel is a must-read for anyone who loves mystery, humor and a good story.

—Five-star review on Amazon


At the end, this was one of those very special books you couldn't wait to read through, but also didn't want to end. Is there a next one for Abraxas, the reluctant detective, and his friend, Vic? I sure hope so. Because I will grab it again and recommend it (again) to anyone who'd listen. Fantastic, job, Daniel Cubias! What a first novel this is. Take a bow.

—Five-star review on Amazon