Well, I’m a few days into the fray of being a published author with a book to sell, and of course, I am checking the stats on Amazon roughly every nine minutes.

Now, let’s not get crass by discussing how many books have sold. Suffice to say that it is more than a couple and fewer than a bajillion.

Beyond the actual numbers, it is reward enough that people are running through the streets, shouting the title of my novel, and grabbing complete strangers and shouting into their faces that they must must must must buy this book at once.

What's that? You say that isn’t happening by you? Well, check again and get back to me.


Launch Day

At last, my novel Barrio Imbroglio is available for purchase on Amazon. I have spent the morning spreading the news on Facebook, Twitter, and various social media outlets of dubious reputation.

So why did I pick this date to officially announce the book?

Was it some ingenious marketing plan based upon complex algorithms and in-depth psychological insights of modern readers?

Was it some planetary alignment or spiritual convergence that portends good karma for my book?

Was it because today is highly symbolic date that signifies a deeply personal milestone?


Actually, it was because yesterday was 4/20, and I didn’t want my book’s release to be overwhelmed by ten thousand pot jokes. So I waited a day.

Anyway, you can snag a copy of the book by clicking here. Thanks.



So here’s the plan. On this blog, I will write about writing. I will write about reading. I will write about neither of those things and write about whatever societal issue, scientific breakthrough, or pop culture travesty I believe is worth discussing

I will (in a truly stupendous feat of recycling) post my articles from the Huffington Post and my website, The Hispanic Fanatic.

I will respond to your comments and questions. I will thank you in advance for supplying those comments and questions in the first place.

I will possibly offend you. I may even alarm you.

I will do all these things while endeavoring to be as entertaining and insightful as possible.

Wish me good luck.

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